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Joyful companionship

We are able to arrange someone to visit as frequently, or as infrequently, as required, so that you can have a break from caregiving.  Seniors can get lonely, JOYFUL COMPANIONSHIP is a positive way to keep everyone happy.  Providing the senior with human contact..

Joyful Companionship Alleviates Loneliness

We can help lessening feelings of loneliness with good conversation and day-to-day activities, such as correspondence, cards, crafts, puzzles, games, reading and so much else.

Sadly, many elderly people today are lonely. Usually, three factors contribute in varying degrees to loneliness: lack of social connections, living alone and declining health. A LAS caregiver can visit a senior on a regular and consistent basis and thus can help alleviate in all three areas by providing joyful companionship and stimulating activity for an older person.

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