About Living Assistance Services (LAS) in the Regions of York, Simcoe and Georgina

The LAS Story: More Than 20 Years of Experience Caring for Seniors

The genesis of the idea for a service which provides care and support for older persons in their own homes came from my Brother, David, and the need to find post hospital care for our Mother 22 years ago.

During the family research phase, older siblings assigned David the task of sourcing a home care agency to care for our Mother on a full-time basis in her own home. The siblings’ assignment was to simultaneously investigate options relative to public and private care facilities.

As it turned out, both tasks were difficult. Our Sister reported that, in her opinion, many of the “homes” she visited wouldn’t be suitable for a dog! David’s frustration with the twenty-three Toronto home care agencies he contacted was that very few answered their phone, did not return messages or there was no follow-up as promised. David’s thinking at the time was that, surely, someone can do this better! After more research and training, Living Assistance Services-Toronto was born!

Since its founding in 2000, LAS has gone from strength to strength providing the best care for seniors in their own homes. As a relatively small home care agency, the goal continues to remain relatively small to ensure the quality of staff and continual communication with seniors and their families. Brian joined his Brother in 2013 and, after his ’apprenticeship,’ started LAS in the Regions of York, Simcoe and Georgina in 2016.

Since its founding more than 20 years ago, LAS has focused on ensuring that seniors and their families enjoy safe, warm, caring relationships with their caregivers – and many of these relationships continue not for days or weeks but for months and even years. These strong bonds can largely be attributed to LAS values which are embedded in the LAS senior-focused approach and are put into daily practice by LAS and its trusted and dedicated caregivers. 

The five values and guiding principles of Living Assistance Services are:

  1. ongoing and active service and personal engagement with families and seniors; 
  2. constant care and support of the senior and his/her family-service, service, service above and beyond; 
  3. fulfilling the unique needs of each senior and family; 
  4. continual and proactive communication to ensure the happiness of the senior, family and caregiver;
  5. and…only hire and arrange for a caregiver to care for a senior if you would also send that very same person to care for our own mother!

As one happy Daughter expressed to us:

“My mother could not have lasted as long at her condo if Cynthia and Living Assistance Services had not provided her with the exceptional care and service that she has enjoyed over the past several years. You all have been a God-send.”

You can reach Brian Porter, Director of Living Assistance Services (LAS), for advice about seniors and care at home at 416.483.0070 (office), 905.758.2486 (cell) or at b.porter@laservices.ca. Please also visit www.livingassistance.ca.

華語服務客戶經理: Helen Huang  華語:416.880.6889 or h.huang@laservices.ca


About Brian Porter, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., C.P.C.A, E.P.C.

Director/Owner, Living Assistance Services (LAS)

in the Regions of York, Simcoe and Georgina 

Brian also has enjoyed three ‘careers’; first, as a teacher and head of independent schools, as the Head of two Canadian independent schools in Manitoba and Alberta as well as, internationally, Head of the Munich International School (Germany) and the Bermuda High School in Bermuda. His second career consisted of development (fundraising) and alumni relations in universities; he was the Senior Director of Corporate Relations at the University of Waterloo and the founding Director of Development and Alumni Relations at the University of South Wales in Cardiff. In addition, he served as Director of Development and Alumni Relations, or Advancement, in three other UK and European universities in the UK-in York and Birmingham- and at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary.

He returned to Canada in August in 2013 for his third career, joining Living Assistance Service in Toronto as its Vice President and Director. Living Assistance Service provides safe, personalized professional care for seniors who want help to maintain their independence and stay where they most want to be–at home.

Brian is married with four children—all girls—and enjoys swimming, skiing and tennis. Brian’s volunteer work has included serving as a director on two theatre boards in Calgary and Winnipeg and on the board of an international children’s charity in London in the UK. 

In 2016, Brian began Living Assistance Services (LAS) in the Regions of York, Georgina and Simcoe; and, he also provides care in Cantonese and Mandarin for Chinese seniors and their families in Toronto, the GTA and in the Regions of York, Georgina and Simcoe.

Brian’s Wife, Helen, is also a Director at LAS. She manages Chinese-speaking caregivers; and, she works with both Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking families in caring and supporting Chinese seniors. She specializes also in a delivering an unique benefit for all older persons-meditative energy healing. Please contact her!

華語服務客戶經理: Helen Huang 華語:416.880.6889

or h.huang@LAServices.ca


Please take this opportunity to listen to a recent interview with Brian Porter about Living Assistance Services—and the very best care for seniors at home…


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