Why Choose Homecare for Your Aging Loved One?

Most seniors want to age in place—at Home.

Homecare from Living Assistance Services is ideal because it reflects what seniors really want—to live safely and independently in their own homes. There is plenty of research to show that seniors overwhelmingly want to age in place—living in familiar surroundings in the community they love and in the comfort of their own home.

Our services are very personalized to reflect each client’s needs.

Living Assistance Services’ care and support stand above the rest because they are very personalized. Rather than offering assistance with a small list of specific tasks (bathing, for example), our caregivers provide a wide range of services that reflect each client’s needs and preferences. This may involve personal care (bathing, dressing, dental hygiene, etc.) as well as meal preparation, driving, laundry and light housekeeping—as well as many other services for seniors. Overall, they are dedicated to providing joyful companionship, whether that means playing a game of cards or scrabble and engaging in interesting conversation and always being a kind, compassionate presence.

Our Services are comprehensive and are of the highest quality.

Because our homecare services are offered one-on-one, our seniors don’t have to wait their turn for personal care or feel rushed; instead, our personal support workers take the time to assist them with care and attention to their needs. They get to know each client, asking questions and taking cues, and they develop warm, genuine relationships. After a while, they’ll know that your grandfather enjoys doing a crossword puzzle after breakfast, your great-aunt takes a nap each day after lunch, or your elderly Mum and Dad like to watch the news after dinner. Our caregivers not only learn these routines but help facilitate them so that your loved one feels happy, content and at ease.

For more than 20 years, Living Assistance Services has provided individual care for older persons in their homes by our dedicated, responsible, warm-hearted, professional caregivers. Services range from: chronic disease care (Parkinson’s, dementia, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer etc.) to happy companionship for any needed schedule.

We can help up at an affordable rate!